Our Accessability Policy

Accessability Statement

As a business serving the public good, we are committed to providing digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We continue improve our platform's user experience for everyone while applying relevant accessibility tools and standards.

Our site is built on a platform with code that is compliant with standards for HTML and CSS. The site displays correctly in current browsers using standards compliant HTML/CSS code and should continue to display correctly on future browsers.

Measures to Support Accessibility

We take the following measures to ensure the accessibility of sites built on their platform:

As a business, we make every attempt to ensure information concerning our prices, promotions, and events are understandable to all visitors, as well as our hours of operation and location.

While there are not clearly defined legal requirements for commercial websites serving the public, we have a strong commitment in meeting all visitor needs. If you encounter content or features of the site that are not accessible to those with disabilities, you may contact us by emailing info@xpressstorage.ca. Please provide the page and a brief description of the content or functionality where the issue was encountered, along with a suggestion for improvement. We appreciate your feedback and comments as we continue our journey to accommodate all visitors to our site in terms of accessibility.

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